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To find a quiet spot, which is not only accessible by asphalt, to find the most remote place on the pitch, which you have on your own. At the same time, however, do not have to do without comfort. That was our drive. And as much independence as possible, which is limited only by the water reserve with two persons to a prolonged weekend. With the off-road car as a basic vehicle, we can reach the most beautiful places unhindered. If the environment is to be explored, we leave the cabin within 20 minutes. Even then it is still well supplied by the batteries and the solar system. All the things you do not want inside you can be kept in a large outer pocket (for example, a grill and damp walking shoes). All in all, our small snail shell has over 900 l of storage space. Each lamp (energy-saving LED lighting) is dimmable and can be operated from the door, the table, as well as from the bed. Incl. the LED lighting under the external awning. 2 roofs, 4 windows and a door ensure good ventilation. Of course, all windows and the door are equipped with fly screens and blackout blinds. So even one night under the lantern is really relaxed at the ferry dock.

The base


The vehicle:


Nissan Navara King Cab, 2.5 l dCi,

140 KW / 190 hp, 6-speed manual transmission

Loaded to 3,470 kg by additional air suspension and aluminum rims with corresponding load capacity


The cabin:


Cabinet BOX 260 from Tischer GmbH, as empty cabin with rear entry, 2 large and 2 small side windows, roof hatch Hartal Multi, roof hood Fiamma Turbo Vent

Interior design


All furniture is made of a very light carrier plate, which is covered with a high-quality HPL. We kept the inner sides in white. Through many experiences from the furniture carpentry, we have come to the surface material which we have used here. The HPL is also used as kitchen worktop and is therefore extremely resistant. Instead of doors, we have mostley opted for roller blinds, as they do not project into the room even when the compartments are open. The doors of the shower cabin can be locked in two directions. As soon as someone is in, the doors are folded outwards. Otherwise, the doors are folded inwards and provide the space in the cabin.

The technology


Power supply:

110 Ah lithium ionen home battery

20 Ah charging current (socket and generator)

1 solar panel 210 Wp

1 external connection 110 - 240 V

1 Alutank gas bottle, 11 kg (or 2 x 5 kg bottles)


Water supply:

100 l fresh water tank

50 l wastewater tank

8 l hot water boilers (gas and electricity)



Gas and electricity operation with antifreeze function



80 l, incl. Freezer compartment



Large, 3-burner stove



Large triangular sink (B 45,5 x H 9,2 x T 27,6 mm)



Theatford cassette toilet C400



Roof hatch with thermostatically controlled fan for supply and exhaust air



1.4 x 2 m with extremely comfortable Froli bedding system with flexible spring elements, matching mattress and system head pillow

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